November Third Sunday The antique market - Trieste Antiqua Trieste
From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th Santa Caterina street fair Udine - Piazza Primo Maggio
December   Christmas fairs Trieste
  Krampus show. Fairy tale mythical monsters
from the Dolomite region parading.
Start of December Saint's fair
Andrew and èstoria. Street fair.
January 6 January Run of the Bora, 8-21-57-164 km trails on the Karst
between Italy and Slovenia
February   Carnival Muggia
March 1st weekend Italy's only olive oil only fair Trieste
Last weekend UNESCO cities marathon Cividale
April 3rd weekend European street marked Trieste
end of April, start of May Wine festival Casarsa
3rd weekend Open castles  
Last day of April May festival San Dorligo Trieste
End of April Orange Wine Festival Isola Slovenia
May Last weekend Open wine cellars  
2 midweekends "Sapori Pro Loco" food festival Codroipo
June 1st weekend Open wine cellars Slovenia
2nd weekend Wine festival, 400 Italian wines for tasting Buttrio
2nd weekend Vitovska Mara - Local white wine 'vitovska' and food tasting
in the sea-facing Duino Castle
3nd weekend San Daniele ham festival
Area di Festa sports events
San Daniele
Last week of June
First week of July
Folkest. International folk music festival. Spilimbergo
July Mid two weekends Sauris speck festival Sauris
15 July - 15 August 'Triest'Estate': a month with concerts Trieste
Mid July MittelFest. Cultural festival with many concerts Cividale
First Sunday Perdòn di Barbana. 800 year old traditional
boat procession.
August 15 August Ferragosto. The most holiday-day for the Italians.  
15 August Medieval festival Cividale
Mid August Medieval festival Spilimbergo
15 August Medieval festival Cormons
September 2nd weekend Friuli Doc. Regional food street festival
500.000 attending.
4th weekend "Gusti di Frontiere". Food from all continents street festival. 700.000 attending. Gorizia
1st weekend Historic festival Palmanova
3rd week Pordenone legge.
Litterary festival with many internal authors present.
3rd week Apple festival Tolmezzo
October on the 2nd Sunday Barcolana sailing regatta 2000 boats Trieste
  Truffle festival Istria Croatia
3 weekends Chestnust festival Faedis (Udine)
3rd weekend Open castles  
End of October Coffee Festival Trieste
End of October Jazz and wine festival Cormons