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A cultural walk. Be As A Local has developed a special guided halfday tour in collaboration with a local historian.

The tour will cover The Roman Trieste, The Imperial Trieste of the 1700 and the Habsburg Dynasty. Napoleon occupying the city three times. Trieste at the start of the 19th century and the First World War. Trieste during the Cold War as a ‘spy theatre’. Like Berlin an area split and under international military governance for nine years. The central jeans market-place for Eastern Europe. We will reveal several of the city's secrets to you on this tour. 

From the Roman Theatre, where we meet, a comfortable elevator tour up to the San Giusto Hill where is the Castle and the Cathedral of Trieste. The walk is downwards, with no climbing,  towards the sea and the new town. With a refreshing pit-stop during the descent. You will see the old Armenian area, the English area, the old ghetto, the old city, the impressive palaces towards the sea and in the new town and the Theresianer area, the Serbian area and more. Lunch in one of the historic cafès that Trieste is known for where we will also introduce you to the world of coffee, coffee tasting and the classic Mittel-Europa cakes. 

Trieste has never been a fishing city or village, contrary to the surrounding villages; from the start it was a trading city, trading with the salt it produced.  Salt of course interested the powerful Venice being not far away. To protect itself from the greedy neighbors, Trieste in 1383 requested to become under the Habsburg protection. Something it remained till 1918. 

In 1719, the Emperor gave Trieste the status of a free port. This trickled, specially from when Maria Theresa became Emperess, a very strong growth. Trieste become the imperial harbor,  ‘colonies’ of foreign trade and crafts people flocked to the city to make fortunes. Which they did. The today Trieste was mainly build during the same time as beautiful Vienna, which can easily be seen. Although the architects used in Trieste mainly came from other countries.

During the Habsburgs, as long as you had paid your debts towards the state, you enjoyed religious freedom. As a consequence, citizens were allowed to establish churches. And schools. And to have cemeteries. In short, where the communities could have complete lives. Trieste became a multi religious city with a great variety of churches. The monumental graveyard reflects this, divided into seven sections as it is. Some compare it to the famous Père Lachaise graveyard in Paris.  We suggest you to follow another day-tour of Be As A Local, dedicated to the churches and the monumental cemetery. 

From 1945 to 1954, Trieste was, like Berlin, under foreign military governance. The area was split into two zones, Zone A with Trieste  under English, American and New Zealand military forces and Zone B (Slovenian and Croatian Istria) under the control of Iugoslav military forces. Naturally, spy activities flourished in the area. 

After the 1954, till the break-up of Iugoslavia, Trieste became a jeans supermarket for the Eastern countries, supplying millions and millions of jeans from the shops and markets downtown. 

Our tour ends with lunch at the historic Café San Marco, at around 13:30

We reserve the right to cancel the tour on fixed dates if a sufficient number of participants is not reached. As a custom tour, small numbers of participants is possible.


Tour Itinerary

The tour starts in front of the Roman Theatre at 09:00.  A lift get us up to the San Giusto Hill with the Castle and the Cathedral. 

The 2 km walk heads downwards through various parts of Trieste, always downwards, towards the seafront. The old Armenian area, the English area, the old ghetto, the old Cavana area, the seafront, the Molo Audace, the canal area, the Serbian area, the new ghetto, the Theresianer area. 

Half way down from the San Giusto hill, we stop for a refreshment pause.

The tour ends at the Café San Marco.

Meeting points

What's included

  • No transportation is foreseen, as the tour will be a pleasant walking tour.
  • Your local friend accompanying the tour.
  • Pit-stop refreshment during the walk, lunch..

The tour is offered at Regular and Light rates. In the Light rate, the participant will pay entrance tickets etc directly, and the guiding may be organized differently.

For most tours, lunch/meal is not included due to different hunger and tastes of participants. 

What's excluded

  • Eventual transport from the hotel to the pick-up place and from the drop-off place to the hotel.

What do I need to bring

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.

Important information

Pick up from the hotel for transportation to the Roman Theatre where the tour starts, and from the Café San Marco where the tour ends, back to the hotel, may be requested, as additional, paid service. 

Cancellation policy

  • 7 days notice: 100% charge


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