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There are three culinary trends in the area: Central-European, Venetian and Slavic which merge in the various dishes offered. The typical regional flavors appear in a variety of recipes, which you will encounter during these 5 days. Not to forget the top quality wine and olive oil. Back home, we hope you will practice the dishes you will learn in the cooking-class. 

You will also experience the cosmopolitan enjoyable ‘Vienna at the sea’ - Trieste. 

Accommodation in a 4star hotel in Trieste.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region enjoys excellent raw materials from its incredible variety of landscapes; mountains, forests, and lakes, hills, and flatland, lagoons and sea. This and the climatic conditions produce local products of unique quality. The tasty shells from the sandy sea bottom, the famous ham from San Daniele that for many are better than the Parma ham, a variety of goat and cow-milk cheeses from caves or mountain areas.   Wine and olive oil have been produced in the area for more than two thousand years. 


Friuli Venezia Giulia is famous for its San Daniele ham, unique in flavor. A similar product is the raw ham speck from  Sauris. Trieste cooked ham, in-bread-cooked ham served with horseradish is also worth mentioning. The clams from the lagoons, vongole in Italian, are much used in spaghetti dishes. In the valleys and mountains are made excellent cheese, Montasio being the most known. The Formadi Frant from the Carnia area is another known cheese, as also the Jamar cheese made in a cave above Trieste. 

The sweet Garlic from Resia, and the Onion from Cavasso having a crunchy sweet heart,  the Rosa di Gorizia red chicory, are some of the local specialties. 

The Romans got much of their olive oil from Istria. And wine, all the wine for the Roman soldiers came from Aquileia.  Since in Trieste, from time to time there can be the strong Bora wind, nature has adapted to this. The local Vitovska vine holds much stronger to the grapes than other vines, to prevent that the wind makes them fall off. The local Bianchera olive tree similarly does hold on to its olives. It also has developed special leaves, twisted like a propeller. 


Some of Italy’s absolute best white wines are from the Region. However, red wines are also interesting and becoming better and better. The main white wines are Friulano, Malvasia istriana, Ribolla gialla, Vitovska, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot grigio, Traminer. And Prosecco; The name of this in Veneto mass-produced wine is from a tiny village above Trieste. The main sweet wines are Picolit, Ramandolo and Verduzzo. The main red wines are Pignolo, Refosco, Terrano,  Schioppettino, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Merlot, Pinot nero.

The Region has important production of mais, used for the polenta, and potatoes, used for the gnocchi

Trieste and Gorizia have kept from the Austria-Hungarian days, their important cake traditions. The jota sour-cabbage with bacon soup is another of their specialties.


For 'foodies' it is worth mentioning two important food festivals, each year in September. The FriuliDoc in Udine has all type of Friuli specialties served in the streets, about half a million persons participate in these four days. In Gorizia, the Gusti di Frontiere, has food from all continents. Also, this lasts for four days, in which almost one million persons attend. Contact Be As A Local if you want to participate in these events.

Beyond the good food and wine, why visit Trieste and the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region? The small healthy region in the north-east of Italy is well-organized and has all that the country has to offer: short distances, sea, mountains, hills, historic villages, rich culture. And, it is free from the overcrowded mass-tourism that you will suffer in many other places. A new area to be discovered and enjoyed. Trieste is Italy’s most cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and newest city; it only became part of Italy in 1954. A perfect base to discover also Istria in Croatia, Slovenia and Venice.

There will be one of us, your ‘local friend’, sharing with you what we like to do and let you experience what the ‘do-it-yourself’ traveler most probably will not find on his/her own. Taking due account of each season. We are sure you will want to come back to this area, many times!

The tour exists in two versions, one defined departure dates were the group is composed of you and other individuals or small groups, or if you are some more people we can make a proposal for the period you prefer and where your group decides on how many stars the hotels should have. 

We reserve the right to cancel the tour on a fixed date if the significant number of participants is not reached.


Arrive in Trieste - Wine tasting

You are invited to arrive in the morning or at midday. Check in and welcome by ‘your local friend’.

On the hills above Trieste, the Carso, is the village Prepotto where are three of Italy’s best wine makers. Visit to one of them, with tasting. In the same village is produced the Jamar cheese, in a deep cave.  Tasting.

Dinner in the hotel.

San Daniele and Tour in Trieste

A visit to the beautiful small San Daniele town situated on a hilltop with a nice view towards the Dolomites. 90 minutes drive from Trieste. Visit to a ham factory, tasting. 

Lunch in a local restaurant with Friuli specialities.  

In the afternoon, a 3 hour guided tour in Trieste, a 'cultural walk. Be As A Local has developed this special tour in collaboration with a local historian. 


The tour will cover The Roman Trieste, The Imperial Trieste of the 1700 and the Habsburg Dynasty. Napoleon occupying the city three times. Trieste at the start of the 19th century and the First World War. Trieste during the Cold War as a ‘spy theatre’. Like Berlin, a split area and under international military governance for nine years. The central jeans market-place for Eastern Europe. We will reveal several of the city's secrets to you on this tour.

Cooking class, seafood.  Dinner in the restaurant where the cooking class is held.

The Food Market, olive oil, traditional cakes, icecream making, ham buffet, flour types, pizza making

Visit to the covered food market hall.  Viisit to a producer of olive oil. 

Lunch in one of thel historic cafés of Trieste, local specialities menu. We will tell you the story about Trieste and coffee, have coffee tasting. Cake tasting in a nearby party shop. 

In the afternoon, the best ice cream maker of Trieste will teach you how to make ice cream. 

A mid afternoon meal, called merenda in Italian, in a buffet restaurant famous enough that New York Times wrote a page about it. You will taste a mix of the boiled meat specialities. 


A visit to the shop of a mill, that will explain the difference between the flours and which flour to use for which recipes.  

The dinner, we will have in a Napolitanean pizzeria. The owner will tell you how to make good pizza. There are Napoli style pizzas with soft tasty borders, and Rome style pizzas with small borders, thin crocky bottom. Since Dag prefers the Napoli style, he chose this pizzeria for you. 

Miramare Castle - Orange wine - Tour in Slovenia's Vipacco valley - Exclusive dinner

In the morning, a walk along the Barcola seafront and visit to the Miramare castle and its garden.  The brother of the Emperor had built this worthy-of-his-rang manor, prior to becoming the king of Mexico. 


Lunch in a nearby seaside restaurant, also mentioned by the New York Times in another article.

In the afternoon, a visit to a village near Gorizia where orange wine is being brought to astonishing quality, a tour in Slovenia’s Vipacco valley and dinner in one of the best restaurants in Slovenia known for its very creative kitchen.


Time to say “Ciao! A la prossima!” to Trieste. Transfer to the airport.

What's included

  • Hotel with breakfast.
  • Lunch and dinner including drinks (1 small bottle of water, 1 large beer or 2 glasses of wine), coffee, tastings, where indicated in the program
  • Transfers during the program
  • Guides and you local friend (tour leader)
  • Entrance to attractions mentioned in the program
  • Rental of bikes or other equipment where indicated in the program
  • Courses and course material
  • FVG Card, providing you with a nice leaflet about the Region, free or discounted access to many attractions and more.

What's excluded

  • Transportation from the airport of arrival to the hotel, and for the return from the hotel to the airport. Be As A Local will book the transfer service, that should be paid on board the minivan with a credit card. 
  • Medical treatment if needed
  • Telephone and minibar in the hotel
  • On-your-own costs
  • Tourist tax
  • All not mentioned above as included, is excluded

What do I need to bring

  • A valid passport. 
  • A valid health insurance coverage. 
  • Comfortable clothes and walking shoes 
  • A good appetite. 

Important information

Since we don't know to which airports that the tour participants will arrive to and therefore the related transfer cost, airport transfers are not included in the fixed tour price, Be As A Local will upon travel information from each traveler, book the transfer service that should be paid with a credit card in the minivan. You may choose whether to be alone in the minivan, or to share it with other passengers (cheaper).

Should you want to extend your visit, for example to arrive the day before the tour starts, or remain some time after the tour, Be As A Local would be happy to provide you with accommodation. You may then also benefit from the day excursion, cooking class, painting class and other offers that we have. 

We may propose special, customized tours and events for groups, firms, organizations in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Through our network, we may offer events and tours in most of Italy.

The tour starts in the afternoon on the first day, taking into account the arrival time of the participants. It is therefore preferable if the participants would arrive in the morning or by midday.

Cancellation policy

  • 7 days notice: 100% charge
  • 14 days notice: 50% charge
  • 30 days notice: 30% charge

Guided Language

  • English
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