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From the visits of the tour you will get a broad impression of the cosmopolitan culture city Trieste. A specially made guided tour in the city. Visit to the Opera House. Interesting excursions. Food and wine experiences. Visit to coffee roastery in the ‘capital of coffee’ Trieste. Tasting of the typical Mittel-European cakes. The Venezian Muggia village. The museum of the ‘Suez Canal father’. 

Staying in the compact centre of Trieste, all attractions are easy to reach, for some days you will ‘live Trieste’ with its historic cafés, the impressive and many palaces in the ’Vienna at the Sea’, it’s more than 700 restaurants and bars, concerts and events. There are many things we would like to share with you. 

The climate is protected and mild, the mean temperature is just one degree under that of Rome. The summer lasts till mid or end of October, they say. During the winter, no snow, temperatures between 5 and 12 degrees except for the few days with Bora wind. By May, the sea temperature is again above 20 degrees, to raise to 25-28 during July and August. With this climate, for large part of the year, the density of outdoor cafés is very high.


Trieste, having been made a free port by the Austrian Hungarian Emperor, which it still is, grew into a prosperous multi-ethnic dynamic city, Italy’s most cosmopolitan city. If you had no debt to the Austrian-Hungarian state, you were allowed to establish a church. This is why Trieste is so rich on Churches. And so multi-culturel. Foreigners were able to have their own church, their own school, and own cemetery. In other words, Trieste was a place where it was possible to have a full life from the craddle to death.

Trieste has been the home for various famous writers and have a rich collection of bookshops and second-hand bookshops. Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba and James Joyce. Joyce lived in Trieste from 1904 to 1920, writing The Dubliners as well as many of the key parts of Ulysses.

Veit Heinichen the German crime writer is living her since many years and has made a series of crime stories taking place in Trieste. Recent years, a high number of films and television series have been shot on location in Trieste.

Many persons made fortunes in Trieste during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the fortunes were invested in impressive palaces. The Baron Rivoltella’s Palace is a remarkable museum, with the interior furniture and decorations intact from the 1860’s, and in an adjacent new building is the art gallery containing part of the Baron’s rich collection of paintings as well as contemporary exhibitions. Baron Rivoltella was very engaged in the projecting and building of the Suez Canal.

Be As A Local has developed a special guided tour in collaboration with a local historian. A cultural walk. The tour will cover The Roman Trieste, The Imperial Trieste of the 1700 and the Habsburg Dynasty. Napoleon occupying the city three times. Trieste at the start of the 19th century and the First World War. Trieste during the Cold War as a ‘spy theatre’. Like Berlin, Trieste was an area split and under international military governance, for nine years. The central jeans market-place for Eastern Europe.  We will also visit the opera building, the Teatro Verdi, the first in the world to be named after Guiseppe Verdi. It’s architect is the same as for the La Scala theatre in Milano. 

In 2019, Trieste was ranked number 4 in Italy in a national survey for its offer of leisure activities. With 5,56 shows per thousand inhabitants, it came out number 1 for the theater offer, And 3rd place for the number of concerts, 1,54 per thousand inhabitants. It came second for its offer and practicing of sports.

Trieste is the biggest coffee import harbor in the Mediterranean and home to 22 coffee roasteries, Illy being one of them. There are laboratories doing research on coffee, there is the coffee university, training centres for coffee professionals. Once upon a time, the world coffee prices were fixed in Trieste, in the building where now the Chamber of Commerce is located. 

In Trieste was the only nazi death camp in Italy. We will pay a visit to the Risiera San Sabba, today a museum.

Outside Trieste, and in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, are made some of the very best white wines of Italy. Olive oil and cheese are of utmost quality. There are three culinary trends in the area: Central-European, Venetian and Slav, which merge in the various dishes offered in Trieste. Trieste is also known for its in-read cooked ham served with horseradish and the Jota soup, a sour cabbage soup with bits of raw ham.

Muggia is a cozy venetian village near Trieste, much appreciated by tourists with its 14th century buildings, narrow streets called ‘calle’ like in Venice, the central square, the castle and the small harbor. In Muggia in the Beethoven House is the largest private collection in the world of items related to the famous composer, with more than 11.000 items. On the half-an-hour ride with the Delfino Verde ferry across the gulf, you will appreciate the view of Trieste from the sea.

North-west of Trieste is the Barcola Village, known for the 3 km seafront promenade to the Miramare Castle, one of Trieste’s absolute landmarks, and the Barcolana Regatta. The regatta, always on the second Sunday of October, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest regatta in the world, in 2018 had 2168 boats participating, o all sizes, side by side on the common starting line. We will visit the Castle and the surrounding park.

Some more kilometers away from Trieste is the bay of  Sistiana and the new ‘Portofino-style’ Portopiccolo luxury resort. Both well worth a visit. 

Beyond the good food and wine, why visit Trieste and the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region? The small healthy region in the north-east of Italy is well-organized and has all that the country has to offer: short distances, sea, mountains, hills, historic villages, rich culture. And, it is free from the overcrowded mass-tourism that you will suffer in many other places. A new area to be discovered and enjoyed. Trieste is Italy’s newest city; it only became part of Italy in 1954. A perfect base to discover also Istria in Croatia, Slovenia and Venice.

There will be one of us, your ‘local friend’, sharing with you what we like to do and let you experience what the ‘do-it-yourself’ traveller most probably will not find on his/her own. Taking due account of each season. We are sure you will want to come back to this area, many times!

The tour exists in two versions, one defined departure dates were the group is composed of you and other individuals or small groups, or if you are some more people we can make a proposal for the period you prefer and where your group decides on how many stars the hotels should have. 

We reserve the right to cancel the tour on a fixed date if the significant number of participants is not reached.


Arrive in Trieste - Museum - Aperitivo

You are invited to arrive to the airport in the morning or at midday. Transfer from the airport. Check in and welcome by ‘your local friend’.

Visit to the Rivoltella Museum.

Aperitivo on Piazza Unità, the biggest seafacing square in Europe. 

Dinner in the hotel.

Guided tour in Trieste - Historic café - Coffee roastery - Miramare Castle and Park

Special guided tour in Trieste, 3 hours, and 1 hour visit to the opera house. 

Lunch in historic café.

Mittel Europa cake tasting.

Visit to a coffee roastery, with tasting.

Visit to the Miramare Castle and Park

Dinner in sea-front restaurant in the Bay of Grignano

Transport to the hotel

Ferry to Muggia - Walk in the old town - Beethoven House - Olive oil and wine tasting

Ferry to Muggia. 

Walk in the old town. 

Visit to the Beethoven house.


Visit to olive oil and wine maker

Afternoon and evening free. You may explore the offers that the FVG Card that you are provided, gives you.

Risiera San Sabba - Portopiccolo & Sistiana - Wine and cheese tastings - Concert/theatre if on

Visit to Risiera San Sabba

Visit to Portopiccolo


Visit to Prepotto, wine tasting. Cheese tasting.

Concert or theatre, depending on ‘what is on’ this day. If nothing of interest, evening free. Dinner on your own. 


Time to say “Ciao! A la prossima!” to Trieste. Transfer to the airport.

What's included

  • Hotel with breakfast.
  • Lunch and dinner including drinks (1 small bottle of water, 1 large beer or 2 glasses of wine), coffee, tastings, where indicated in the program
  • Transfers during the program
  • Guides and you local friend (tour leader)
  • Entrance to attractions mentioned in the program
  • Rental of bikes or other equipment where indicated in the program
  • Courses and course material
  • FVG Card, providing you with a nice leaflet about the Region, free or discounted access to many attractions and more.

What's excluded

  • Transportation from the airport of arrival to the hotel, and for the return from the hotel to the airport. Be As A Local will book the transfer service, that should be paid on board the minivan with a credit card. 
  • Tickets for the theatre or opera. As we don't know in advance the ticket costs, this will be for the participants to pay.  
  • Medical treatment if needed
  • Telephone and minibar in the hotel
  • On-your-own costs
  • Tourist tax
  • All not mentioned above as included, is excluded

What do I need to bring

A valid passport. A valid health insurance coverage. Comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Clothes suitable although informal for a visit to the theatre or opera. A good appetite. 

Important information

The tour does not foreseen physical difficulties beyond some walks and promenades.

Cancellation policy

  • 7 days notice: 100% charge
  • 14 days notice: 50% charge
  • 30 days notice: 30% charge
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